The Liversidge Lecture

The Liversidge Lecture is awarded at intervals of two years for the purpose of encouragement of research in Chemistry.  It was established under the terms of a bequest to the Society by Professor Archibald Liversidge MA LLD FRS, who was Professor of Chemistry in the University of Sydney from 1874 to 1907 and was one of the Council members who sponsored the Society's Act of Incorporation in 1881.  The lectures are published in the Journal and Proceedings of the Society.

The Liversidge Lecture is awarded on the recommendation of the Royal Australian Chemical Institute (RACI). 

Liversidge Lecture 2018

The Liversidge Lecture for 2018 was awarded to Scientia Professor Martina Stenzel. She is an ARC Future Fellow and co-director of the Centre for Advanced macromolecular Design, School of Chemistry, UNSW. Professor Stenzel, a polymer chemistry, is a leading authority in the field of RAFT polymerisation, and more recently on biomedical applications of polymers. These include drug delivery nanoparticles and anti-cancer applications of nanoparticles. Along with an extensive publication record, she has had a number of significant awards, including the LeFevre Medal from the Australian Academy of Science, a RACI polymer division citation award and, recently, election to the Australian Academy of Science.

A report on the 2018 Liversidge Lecture, delivered at UNSW Sydney on 20 February 2020, is now available.

The Lecture will next be awarded in 2020.

Year & Lecturer

Year & Lecturer

1931    H. Hey
1933    W.J. Young
1940    G.J. Burrows
1942    J.S. Anderson
1944    F.P. Bowen
1946    L.H. Briggs
1948    I. Lauder
1950    H.R. Marston
1952    A.G.L. Rees
1954    M.R. Lemberg
1956    G.M. Badger
1958    A.D. Wadsley
1960    R.J.W. Le Fevre
1962    D.O. Jordan
1964    A. Albert
1966    L.E. Lyons
1968    R.D. Brown
1970    G.W.K. Cavill
1974    A.J. Birch
1976    R.L. Martin

1978 H.C. Freeman
1980 S.R. Johns
1982 D.P. Craig
1984 D.H. Napper
1986 B.G. Hyde
1988 R.J. Hunter
1990 D.StC. Black
1992 S. Sternhell
1994 I.G. Dance
1996 D.J. Swaine
1998 L.F. Lindoy
2000 M.A. Wilson
2002 G. Johnston
2008 Cameron Kepert
2010 John White
2012 Thomas Maschmeyer
2014 Martin Banwell
2016 Justin Gooding
2018 Martina Stenzel


These prestigious awards for excellence in science, engineering, philosophy and the arts, awarded by Australia's oldest learned society, recognise outstanding achievements.  

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Nominations for the 2021 Awards open on 1 July 2021 and close on 30 September 2021. 

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