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+61 2 9431 8691


Ms Katelyn Seary

Mailing address

The Royal Society of NSW, PO Box 576, Crows Nest, NSW 1585, Australia


+61 2 9431 8677


This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Location of Sydney meetings

Face-to-face meetings of the Society are held in the Gallery Room, Mitchell Building, The State Library of NSW, Shakespeare Place, Sydney.

Meetings are also conducted online as Zoom webinars.

Editorial Board

The Society publishes one of the oldest peer-reviewed journals in the Southern Hemisphere, the Journal and Proceedings of the Royal Society of New South Wales. The journal is edited to high academic standards, and attracts publications predominantly in the sciences but also across all other disciplines of interest to the Society's readership.

The members of the editorial board are:

Dr. David Branagan MSc PhD(Syd) DSc(Hon)(Syd) FGS MAusIMM
Dr. Donald Hector BE PhD(Syd) CEng FRSN FIChemE FIEAust FAICD
Em. Prof. David Brynn Hibbert BSc PhD(Lond) CChem FRSN FRSC RACIV
Em. Prof. Heinrich Hora DipPhys Dr.rer.nat DSc FRSN FAIP FInstP CPhys
Dr. Michael Lake BSc PhD(Syd)
Dr. Nick Lomb BSc PhD(Syd)
Em. Prof. Robert Marks BE ME(Melb) MS PhD(Stanf) (Hon. Editor)
Prof. Bruce Warren MB BS(Syd) MA DPhil(Oxon) DistFRSN FRCPath

The Honorary Editor may be contacted directly at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..



Archibald Liversidge: Imperial Science under the Southern Cross

Roy MacLeod
Royal Society of New South Wales, in association with Sydney University Press
ISBN: 9781920898809

LiversidgeWhen Archibald Liversidge first arrived at Sydney University in 1872 as reader in geology and assistant in the laboratory he had about ten students and two rooms in the main building.  In 1874 he became professor of geology and mineralogy and by 1879 he had persuaded the senate to open a faculty of science.  He became its first dean in 1882. In 1880 he visited Europe as a trustee of the Australian Museum and his report helped to establish the Industrial, Technological and Sanitary Museum which formed the basis of the present Powerhouse Museum's collection.  Liversidge also played a major role in the setting up of the Australasian Association for the Advancement of Science which held its first congress in 1888.

One of his greatest contributions was to science education.  He worked tirelessly to secure proper recognition of science in both secondary and tertiary education.  In the preface of his book, Professor MacLeod comments: "Liversidge remained confident that Australia's path would follow the route of the `moving metropolis', strengthened by the bonds that tied Australia to its British heritage.  In that heritage lay his life, and through that heritage, flowed the genius of imperial science in New South Wales."

For anyone interested in Archibald Liversidge, his contribution to crystallography, mineral chemistry, chemical geology, strategic minerals policy and a wider field of colonial science.

About the author

Roy_McCloudRoy MacLeod is Professor Emeritus of Modern History at the University of Sydney, and an Honorary Associate in the School of History and Philosophy of Science.  He was educated in history, the biochemical sciences, and the history of science at Harvard University (summa cum laude), in sociology at the London School of Economics, and in history and the history of science at Cambridge, where he took the PhD degree in 1967.

He is the author or editor of 22 books and about 120 articles in the social history of science, medicine and technology; military history, museum history, Australian and American history, European history; research policy, and the history of higher education.

To order your copy, please complete the MacLeod: Liversidge order form and return it to:

The Royal Society of NSW (Liversidge book)
PO Box 576
Crows Nest  NSW  1585

or contact the Society:

Phone: 61 2 9431 8691
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Journal and Proceedings of the Royal Society of New South Wales

Information for authors

Papers (other than those specially invited by the Editorial Board) will only be considered if the content is either substantially new material that has not been published previously, or is a review of a major research programme. In the case of papers presenting new research, the author must certify that the material has not been submitted concurrently elsewhere nor is likely to be published elsewhere in substantially the same form. In the case of papers reviewing a major research programme, the author must certify that the material has not been published substantially in the same form elsewhere and that permission for the Society to publish has been granted by all copyright holders. Letters to the Editor and short notes may also be submitted for publication.

Manuscripts are only accepted in digital format and should be emailed to the This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

If the file is too large to email, please contact the editor, at the above email address.

Manuscripts will be reviewed by the Editor, in consultation with the Editorial Board, to decide whether the paper will be considered for publication in the Journal. Manuscripts are subjected to peer review by at least one independent reviewer. In the event of initial rejection, manuscripts may be sent to other reviewers.

The Society does not require authors to transfer the copyright of their manuscript to the Society but authors are required to grant the Society an unrestricted licence to reproduce in any form manuscripts accepted for publication in the Journal and Proceedings. Enquiries relating to copyright or reproduction of an article should be directed to the author.

Issues are scheduled to be published in June and December each year. An electronic version is posted to the web site and this is the formal publication date. The printed version is published 4-6 weeks after the electronic version is published.


Key dates for publication in Part 1

28 February

March - May


July - August

Latest date for submission of papers (unless agreed with the Editor)

Review and editing

Typesetting and publication in electronic form

Printing & posting


Key dates for publication in Part 2

31 August

September - November


January - February

Latest date for submission of papers (unless agreed with the Editor)

Review and editing

Typesetting and publication in electronic form

Printing & posting


Style guide and templates

Authors intending to submit papers for publication in the Journal and Proceedings are referred to the style guide that outlines formatting and submission requirements.  Authors who use Thomson Reuters' EndNote bibliographic software may download an EndNote style template that is specifically designed for the Journal and Proceedings.  Two Microsoft Word templates are available for download, one for refereed papers, the other for thesis abstracts.  Papers should be submitted using these templates.

Papers for consideration are only accepted electronically.  Paper manuscripts will not be accepted and will be returned unread to the corresponding author.



The Journal and Proceedings of the Royal Society of New South Wales

The Society's journal is one of the oldest peer-reviewed publications in the Southern Hemisphere.  Much innovative research of the 19th and early 20th centuries (e.g. Lawrence Hargrave's work on flight) was first brought to the attention of the scientific world through the Journal and Proceedings of The Royal Society of New South Wales.  In the last few decades specialist journals have become preferred for highly technical work but the Journal and Proceedings remains an important publication for multidisciplinary and transdisciplinary work. 

The Journal and Proceedings are exchanged with hundreds of institutions worldwide.  Currently issues are published around June and December each year.   

The Society welcomes scholarly work to be considered for publication in the Journal. (See the links at the right for detailed information for authors.)

Abstracts of doctoral theses  are also considered by the editorial board and are most welcome. 


Access to electronic copies of the Journal is free via the links below.  If you wish to subscribe to a printed copy of the Journal (full-colour, acid-free paper), subscription costs are:

Members of the Society $40 per year
Non-members $110 per year
These rates include surface postage.  

Current Edition

The Journal and Proceedings of the Royal Society of New South Wales, Volume 148-1, Numbers 455 & 456. Published 30 June 2015.
Year Volume Numbers Full Issue Individual Papers (by author surname)
2015 148-1 455-456 Volume 148, Part 1 (complete)


Awards of the RSNSW, 2015
Editorial: Burton

Refereed papers: Green, Park, Tran, Laird, Wells, Parker, Nash

Discourse: Aslaksen

Thesis abstract: Hanna

Access via Informit

The Journal is now being archived and the articles indexed via Informit, with the following link providing access to the J&P-RSNSW entry directly. Please note that your institution needs to have a subscription to Informit to access this without charge.  However all Australian universities and Government institutions should have such a subscription.  Otherwise the entry will appear with a pay-per-article link in your browser.

Recent Editions




Publn. Date

Full Issue

Individual Papers (by author surname)

2014 147-2 453-454 31/12/2014 Volume 147, Part 2 (complete)

Proceedings of the RSNSW, 2014

Awards of the RSNSW, 2014
Editorial: pdf Burton (220 KB)

Discourses: pdf Wilson (123 KB) , pdf Henry (274 KB)

Refereed papers: pdf Holden (255 KB) , pdf Gooden (706 KB) , pdf Page (1.11 MB) , pdf Nichols (1.51 MB)

Obituary: pdf Daniel John O'Connor (105 KB)

Erratum: pdf Branagan (161 KB)
2014 147-1 451-452 30/06/2014
2013 146-2 449-450 31/12/2013
2013 146-1 447-448 30/06/2013

Archived Journals

The Biodiversity Heritage Library (BHL) in the USA has scanned most Journals from 1862 to 2000 and made them available via this direct link [for 1862-1865, use the link to the Transactions of the Philosophical Society of New South Wales].  The Journals have been scanned via optical character recognition (OCR) allowing text searches to be made, as well as providing a PDF file for each volume of the Journal. (The Society gratefully acknowledges the contribution made by the University of NSW and, in particular, the Smithsonian Libraries in digitising these.)


Index of recent volumes (from Volume 133, for the year 2000, onwards)

These are all in PDF format. For each issue there is a link to the full paper as published with an indication of the file size. For recent issues there are additional links to the PDFs of individual papers.

Year Volume Numbers       Full Issue        Individual Papers (by author surname)
2012 145 445 & 446 pdf 145; 445-446 (1.95 MB)  (1.8MB) pdf Bhathal (885 KB) l (0.9MB)    pdf Tyler (249 KB) (0.3MB)   pdf Liston (249 KB) (0.3MB)    pdf Simpson (620 KB) (0.7MB)    pdf Baumgartner (460 KB) (0.5MB)  
2012 145 443 & 444 pdf 145; 443-444 (2.50 MB)  (2.4MB) pdf Burton (589 KB)  (0.6MB)    pdf Allen (319 KB) (0.4MB)   pdf Endersby (451 KB) (0.5MB)    pdf Moyal (450 KB) (0.5MB)    pdf Fuechsle (449 KB) (0.5MB)    pdf Osman (448 KB) (0.5MB)   pdf Reprint of Osman et al. (2002) (600 KB) (0.5MB)  
2011 144 441 & 442 pdf 144; 441-442 (2.82 MB)  (2.8MB) pdf May (146 KB)  (0.2MB)    pdf Boldeman (659 KB) (0.7MB)    pdf Gilligan (1.83 MB) (1.8B)    pdf Bhathal (150 KB) (0.2MB)  pdf Michael (375 KB) (0.4MB)  
2011 144 439 & 440 pdf 144; 439-440 (2.40 MB)  (2.5MB) pdf Hector (1.35 MB)  (2.4MB)   pdf Hora (434 KB) (0.4MB)  
2010 143 437 & 438 pdf 143; 437-438 (1.89 MB)  (1.9MB) pdf McLeod (633 KB)  (0.6MB)    pdf Khalifa (815 KB) (0.8MB)    pdf King (398 KB) (0.4MB)  
2010 143 435 & 436 pdf 143; 435-436 (1.26 MB)  (1.3MB) pdf Branagan (999 KB)  (1.0MB)    pdf Tyler (377 KB) (0.4MB)  
2009 142 433 & 434 pdf 142; 433-434 (1.46 MB)  (1.5MB) pdf Bhathal (2.20 MB)  (two papers 2.2MB)   pdf Smith (521 KB) (0.5MB)    pdf Tyler (3.43 MB) (3.5MB)
2009 142 431 & 432 pdf 142; 431-432 (10.78 MB)  (11MB) pdf Bhathal (448 KB)  (two papers 450kB)   pdf Dunkley (688 KB) (700k)    pdf Khalifa (9.31 MB) (9.4MB)    pdf Rutledge (1019 KB) (1MB)
2008 141 429 & 430 pdf 141; 429-430 (4.74 MB)  (4.8MB) pdf Branagan (4.41 MB)  (4.5MB)   Bhathal (two papers 350kB)   pdf Pandey (284 KB) (285kB)
2008 141 427 & 428 pdf 141; 427-428 (2.44 MB)  (2.5MB) pdf Milford (2.35 MB) (2.4MB)
2007 140 425 & 426 pdf 140; 425-426 (8.56 MB)  (8.6MB) pdf Michael (286 KB)  (290kB)    pdf Naik paper 1 (355 KB) (360kB)    pdf Naik paper 2 (356 KB) (360kB)    pdf Sutherland A4 size (6.33 MB) (6.4MB)    pdf Sutherland B5 size (6.32 MB) (6.4MB)    pdf Webb (2.04 MB) (2.1MB)
2007 140 423 & 424 pdf 140; 423-424 (450 KB)  (460kB) pdf Branagan (300 KB)  (300kB)    pdf Osman (324 KB) (325kB)
2006 139 421 & 422 pdf 139; 423-424 (851 KB)  (885kB) pdf Branagan (487 KB)  (490kB)    pdf Tyler (621 KB) (620kB)
2006 139 419 & 420 pdf 139; 419-420 (1.84 MB)  (1.9MB) pdf Binnie (310 KB)     pdf Brown (318 KB)     pdf Omeagher (326 KB)     pdf Pencheva (319 KB)    pdf Priestley (1.39 MB)
2005 138 417 & 418 pdf 138; 417-418 (2.23 MB)  (2.3MB) pdf Kader (855 KB)     pdf Lineweaver (1.15 MB)     pdf Sutherland (1.41 MB)    pdf Wells (861 KB)
2005 138 415 & 416 pdf 138; 415-416 (738 KB)  (740kB) pdf Hora (923 KB)     pdf Kelly (723 KB)    pdf Moyal (695 KB)
2004 137 413 & 414 pdf 137; 413-414 (4.89 MB)  (4.9MB) pdf Roberts (4.68 MB)    pdf Rowling (1.82 MB)
2004 137 411 & 412 pdf 137; 411-412 (3.57 MB)  (3.6MB)  
2003 136 409 & 410 pdf 136; 409-410 (1.71 MB)  (1.8MB)  
2002 135 407 & 408 pdf 135; 407-408 (1 MB)  (1.8MB)  
2002 135 405 & 406 pdf 135; 405-406 (5.06 MB)  (5.1MB)  
2001 134 403 & 404 pdf 134; 403-404 (2.54 MB)  (2.6MB)  
2001 134 401 & 402 pdf 134; 401-402 (1.62 MB)  (1.7MB)  
2000 133 399 & 400 pdf 133; 399-400 (4.20 MB)  (4.3 MB)  
2000 133 399 & 400 pdf 133; 397-398  (6.1 MB)  


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