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The Royal Society of New South Wales

The Society is the oldest learned society in the Southern Hemisphere, tracing its origin to the Philosophical Society of Australasia, founded in Sydney in 1821.

Our purpose is to advance knowledge through "... the encouragement of studies and investigations in Science Art Literature and Philosophy".

Membership of the Royal Society of New South Wales is open to anyone interested in Science, Art, Literature or Philosophy and their relationships. For more information, go to About us, visit our Membership Page or download our Brochure.


Forthcoming events

Wednesday 4 February 2015

1229th Ordinary General Meeting and Scholarship Presentations

Union, University and Schools Club, 25 Bent Street Sydney.

Please note dress code: jacket and tie.

Time: 6:30pm. Enjoy a welcome drink from 6:00pm. (Book for dinner after the meeting: $75 per head.)

 The full 2015 programme will be posted here early in 2015. 

Recent events

Tuesday 9 December 2014 Dirac Lecture

"The beauty and serendipity of blue-sky research"

Professor Serge Haroche, Nobel Laureate (2012)

Head of the Collège de France, Paris

Professor Serge Haroche was awarded the 2012 Nobel Prize for Physics (jointly with David J. Wineland) for "ground-breaking experimental methods that enable measuring and manipulation of individual quantum systems", for their work on understanding the photon.

The Dirac Lecture is presented by the University of NSW, in conjunction with the Royal Society of NSW and the Australian Institute of Physics.


Venue:Tyree Room,
John Niland Scientia Building,
University of NSW

Thursday 20 November 2014

The Liversidge Research Lecture 2014

"Recent Studies on the Total Synthesis of Natural Products and Related Systems"

Professor Martin Banwell

Research School of Chemistry, Institute of Advanced Studies, Australian National University, Canberra

The Liversidge Research Lecture 2014 was delivered by Professor Martin Banwell at the University of Sydney on Thursday, 20 November 2014. Professor Banwell is an organic chemist and is one of Australia's most accomplished researchers into the synthesis of complex organic compounds. In this year's Liversidge Research Lecture, he described work that has been done in his group over a number of years to synthesise materials that have wide-ranging applications, especially as pharmaceuticals.

The starting point for his work is a family organic chemicals called arenes. These are substances based on a structure of six carbon atoms arranged in a ring, with each carbon atom having a hydrogen atom attached (read more...)

Wednesday 5 November 2014

1227th Ordinary General Meeting

"A drop of Optics"

Dr Steve Lee and Dr Tri Phan, joint winners of the 2014 ANSTO Eureka Prize for Innovative Use of Technology

The talk at the 1227th AGM was presented by Dr Steve Lee and Dr Tri Phan, joint winners of the 2014 ANSTO Eureka Prize for Innovative Use of Technology. They received the award for developing a very inexpensive polymer lens with extraordinarily high resolution that can be used on cameras like those found on mobile telephones.

In recent years, miniaturisation has revolutionised sensors: small image sensors means that the optical device can also be miniaturised and it is much easier to get good optical qualities in a small lens than a large one. The early miniaturised lenses were ground from small pieces of glass and were quite expensive to manufacture. (read more...)

Seal of the RSNSW


Awards for 2014 announced

The Council is pleased to announce the winners of several of the Society's awards for 2014. They are:

(read more...)

Vice-Regal patronage

The Council is proud to announce that His Excellency General The Honourable David Hurley AC DSC (Ret’d), Governor of New South Wales, has granted Vice-Regal patronage to the Society.

Jak Kelly Award

Irene Kelly presented the Jak Kelly Award to Linh Tran at the Union University & Schools Club on Wed 3 Dec 2014.


Liversidge Research Lecture 2014

Professor Martin Banwell delivered the Liversidge Research Lecture 2014 at Sydney University on Thursday 20 November 2014 (read more...)

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