The Royal Society of NSW publishes in a range of formats—traditional and electronic. The traditional formats include the Journal and Proceedings, which is available in printed and electronic forms (held on this website), The Bulletin, which is an electronic magazine, made available to members and held on this website, and books which are occasionally published under the Society's name. Additionally, there are reports and content (held on this website and in other repositories) that arise from events such as the Annual Forum of the Royal Society and the Learned Academies, and also the open lectures held at Ordinary General Meetings. Video content, including presentations from the Forums and the recordings of lectures (from Ordinary General Meetings and Branch Meetings), and special events such as [email protected]), is held on the Society’s YouTube Channel which was launched in March 2020. 

Each of these publications/formats, accessible from the publications menu and the links on this page, is expanded upon below.

Journal and Proceedings of the Royal Society of NSW

The Society’s journal is one of the oldest peer-reviewed publications in the Southern Hemisphere. Much innovative research of the 19th and early 20th centuries (e.g. Lawrence Hargrave's work on flight) was first brought to the attention of the scientific world through the Journal and Proceedings of the Royal Society of New South Wales.  In the last few decades specialist journals have become preferred for highly technical work but the Journal and Proceedings remains an important publication for multi-disciplinary and trans-disciplinary work.  At the right is a link to the contents of Journal issues from 1856 onwards.

The Journal and Proceedings are exchanged with many institutions worldwide.  Currently issues are published around June and December each year, although only a single December issue appeared in 2016.

The Society welcomes authors to publish their research or reviews in the Journal and Proceedings.  Abstracts of doctoral theses are also considered by the editorial board and are welcome. 


The Bulletin page provides access to issues of the RSNSW Bulletin dating back to August 2007. The Bulletin is the Society’s magazine, published monthly from February through until December of each year. Its content typically includes a editorial from the President of the Society, items of news, a diary of forthcoming events and special lectures conducted by the Society and its branches, reports of recent events and lectures, a summary of the contents of the current Journal and Proceedings (when released), and information about new Fellows and Members.


The Books page provides access to information about books that have been published under the Society’s name.


 The Forums page provides access to the abstracts, content, and reports from the annual Forum that is conducted jointly by the Royal Society of NSW and the Learned Academies at Government House, Sydney.


The Presentations page provides access to content presented at meetings of the Royal Society of NSW, where permission to do so has been granted by the author. Such content includes:

  • Video presentations (with links to the Society’s YouTube Channel)
  • Slides (in pdf format), presented at Society meetings, where these are of broad, general interest
  • Audio recordings.

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