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The Royal Society of New South Wales Medal

The Society's Bronze Medal was the first initiative of the Society to recognize its members' contributions, deriving in concept from the Society's Money Prize of 1882.  It was awarded for published papers from 1884 to 1896, together with a money prize of £25, but was discontinued from 1897 to 1942.

In 1943, it was revived (without the money prize) as an award for a member of the Society who had made meritorious contributions to the advancement of science, including administration and organization of scientific endeavour and for services to the Society.


Year & RecipientYear & Recipient

1884    W.E. Abbott
1886    S.H. Cox
1887    J. Seaver
1888    Rev. J.E. Tenison-Woods
1889    T. Whitelegge
              Rev. J. Mathew
1891    Rev. J. Milne Curran
1892    A.G. Hamilton
1894    J.V. De Coque
              R.H. Mathew
1895    C.J. Martin
1896    Rev. J. Milne Curran
1943    E. Cheel (Botany)
1948    W.L. Waterhouse (Agriculture)
1949    A.P. Elkin (Anthropology)
1950    O.U. Vonwiller (Physics)
1951    A.R. Penfold (Applied Chemistry)
1953    A.B. Walkhom (Palaeobotany)
1954    D.P. Mellor (Chemistry)
1955    W.G. Woolnough (Geology)
1956    W.R. Browne (Geology)
1957    R.C.L. Bosworth (Physical Chemistry) 
1958    F.R. Morrison (Applied Chemistry)
1959    R.C.L. Bosworth
              Ida A. Brown
1960    T. Griffith Taylor
1961    A. Bollinger
1962    H.W. Wood
1963    R.S. Nyholm
1964    F.D. McCarthy
1965    F. Lions
1966    H.A.J. Donegan
1967    A.F.A. Harper
1968    H.H.G. McKern
1969    R.J.W. Le Fevre

1970    J.A. Dulhunty  
1971    J.L. Griffith
1972    W.H.G. Poggendorff
1973    R.L. Stanton
1975    W.H. Robertson
1976    E.K. Chaffer
1977    J.W. Humphries
1978    M.J. Puttock
1979    A.A. Day
1980    M. Krysko v Tryst
1981    W.E. Smith
1982    W.B. Smith-White
1984    R.S. Vagg
1985    D.J. Swaine
1986    S.C. Haydon
1988    R. Bhathal
1989    J.H. Loxton
1990    F.L. Sutherland
1991    D.E. Winch
1992    W.G.K. Ford
1993    H.G. Royle
1994    E.C. Potter
1995    G.C. Lowenthal
1996    P.M. Callaghan
1997    E.D. O'Keeffe
1998    D.F. Branagan
1999    D.J. O'Connor
2000    P.R. Evans
2001    P.A. Williams
2003    C.F. Wilmot
2007    G. Brown FRSN
2012    J.R. Hardie MRSN
2017    D Hector AM FRSN


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