The Pollock Memorial Lectureship

The Pollock Memorial Lectureship has been awarded approximately every four years since 1949 and is sponsored by the University of Sydney and the Society in memory of Professor J.A. Pollock, Professor of Physics at the University of Sydney (1899-1922) and a member of the Society for 35 years. Nominations will next be sought in 2025.

Nominations for the Pollock Memorial Lectureship close on 30 September of each year in which nominations are sought. The application procedure for this lectureship is described on the nomination form. Each application must comply with the conditions of the award and consist of a completed nomination form together with supporting documentation as specified on the form. Completed nominations should be sent to the email address listed on the nomination form. 

Pollock Memorial Lectureship 2021

Geraint LewisThe Pollock Memorial Lectureship for 2021 has been awarded to Professor Geraint Lewis FRSN FLSW, Professor of Astrophysics in the Sydney Institute for Astrophysics in the School of Physics of the University of Sydney. An outstanding researcher, Professor Lewis focuses on cosmological mysteries. Through exquisite and extensive observations with the world’s largest telescopes coupled with synthetic universes generated on immense supercomputers, he hunts for the dark side — the dark matter and dark energy that shape the cosmos. With significant discoveries that confront our ideas on the formation and evolution of galaxies, he has published extensively in international journals. His passion for cosmology and physics is reflected in his teaching and student supervision, as well as an extensive outreach program that brings the mysteries of the universe to diverse international audiences.

Pollock Memorial Lectureship 2017

The Pollock Memorial Lectureship for 2017 was awarded to Professor Andrea Morello FAPS FRSN, the Professor of Quantum Nanosystems inthe School of Electrical Engineering and Telecommunications, UNSW Sydney. Professor Morello is an internationally recognised leader in quantum science and technology who has invented and demonstrated all of the fundamental building blocks of a silicon quantum computer, thereby laying the foundations for its practical manufacture.

Year & LecturerYear & Lecturer
1949    T.M. Cherry
1952    H.S.W. Massey
1955    R. vd R. Woolley
1959    Sir Harold Jeffreys
1962    F. Hoyle
1965    F. Seitz
1969    A.R. Sandage
1972    L. Schwartz
1975    J.T. Wilson
1978    R.N. Bracewell
1981    E.E. Salpeter
1984    R.S. Pease
1995    D. Mills
2001    M. Bilek
2006    B. Josephson
2009    B. Schmidt
2013    M. Simmons
2017    A. Morello
2021    G. Lewis



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