Hunter Branch

About the Branch and its Role

The Council of the Royal Society of NSW confirmed the establishment of the Hunter Branch of the Society at its October 2019 meeting. This followed an inaugural meeting, held in Newcastle on 9 October 2019, at which a branch committee was elected.

The Hunter Branch of the Royal Society of New South Wales represents a source of specialised expertise, advice and support for the various Governmental, industrial and community groupings comprising the Hunter region of NSW. It will:

  • It will encourage, stimulate and support the creation of a vibrant intellectual community within the Hunter region of NSW, promoting debate, discussion and policy development around a range of contemporary issues affecting our region’s communities.
  • It will encourage, stimulate and support the growth of promising young talent within the Hunter region of NSW, with a particular emphasis on the most disadvantaged members of our community.
  • It will encourage and enhance the development of research excellence and leadership across the public, business and community sectors in the Hunter region of NSW, focusing world-class knowledge and know-how on issues of importance to our region.
  • It will raise the national and international profile of the Hunter region as a centre for world-class creativity and innovation.
  • It will promote the concept of the Hunter region as a living laboratory where the results of research and innovation can be implemented and assessed in terms of their contributions to the health and wellbeing of local communities as well as the economic and environmental sustainability of our region.
  • It will be responsible for awarding an annual prize (the Hunter Medal) to the national or international figure who has made the greatest intellectual contribution to subject areas that have relevance for our region.


Office-bearers elected at the first Annual General Meeting held on 31 March 2021 are:

Chair Distinguished Emeritus Laureate Professor John Aitken
Vice-Chair Professor Natalie Thamwattana FRSN
Honorary Secretary Honorary Professor Philip Bolton FRSN
Honorary Treasurer Professor George Willis FRSN
Committee Members     Dr Philip Bailey
  Professor Alan Broadfoot FRSN
  Mr John Dunnet
  Mr Paul Jeans FRSN
  Emeritus Scientia Professor Eugenie Lumbers AM FRSN
  Professor Brett Nixon FRSN
  Professor Steven Weller FRSN
  Adjunct Professor Robert Whittaker AM FRSN


Please address enquiries to the This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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