Royal Society of NSW Meeting Presentations—2021

This page provides access to content presented at meetings of the Royal Society of NSW in 2021, where permission to do so has been granted by the author. All content is made available under either a Creative Commons CC-BY (Attribution) licence or a YouTube standard licence, unless otherwise stated.

Such content includes:

  • Video and audio presentations (with links to the Society’s YouTube Channel)
  • Slides (in pdf format), presented at Society meetings, where these are of broad general interest.  Please note that in some cases it may have been necessary to split a slide deck into parts due to limitations imposed by the website's content management system. 


1299th OGM and Open Lecture — 1 December 2021
“Managing psychological distress in times of stress: the stress of COVID-19 and all that”
Professor Richard Bryant AC FASSA FAA FAHMS
Scientia Professor of Psychology and Director, Traumatic Stress Clinic
UNSW (Sydney)


Western NSW Branch Meeting 2021-1 —  19 October 
“With the Falling of the Dusk?
Professor Stan Grant
Vice-Chancellor's Chair of Australian-Indigenous Belonging
Charles Sturt University 


1298th OGM and Open Lecture — 6 October 2021
“Privacy and Identity in an AI world”
Professor Toby Walsh FAA FACM FAAASN
Scientia Professor of Artifial Intelligence
School of Computer Science and Engineering, UNSW (Sydney)


Our Energy Future: Part 2  15 September 2021
“Crushed Rocks”
Dr Saul Griffith FRSN (1) and Dr Adi Paterson FRSN FTSE (2)
(1) Founder and Chief Scientist, Otherlab and
(2) Principal, Siyeva Consulting and former CEO, ANSTO


1297th OGM and Open Lecture — 1 September 2021
“Taking humour and laughter seriously: Exploring the multi-disciplinary field of humour studies”
Dr Jessica Milner Davis FRSN
Honorary Associate, University of Sydney


Hunter Branch Meeting 2021-3 —  25 August 
“Did the Aged Care Royal Commission provide a blueprint to fix Australia's aged care system?
 If not, what else needs to happen?”

Professor Kathy Eagar
Director, Australian Health Services Research Institute
University of Wollongong


Our Energy Future: Part 1  25 August 2021
“Context and Castles”
Dr Saul Griffith FRSN (1) and Dr Adi Paterson FRSN FTSE (2)
(1) Founder and Chief Scientist, Otherlab and
(2) Principal, Siyeva Consulting and former CEO, ANSTO


1296th OGM and Open Lecture  8 August 2021
“The Intimate History of Evolution: The Huxleys 1825–1975”
Professor Alison Bashford FRSN FAHA FRHistS FBA
Laureate Professor of History, UNSW (Sydney)


Ideas@theHouse: July 2021  22 July 2021
“Music as a Superfood”
Greta Bradman
Writer, broadcaster, psychologist, and performing artist


1295th OGM and Open Lecture  5 July 2021
“Society as an information processing system, and the influence of the media”
Dr Erik Aslaksen FRSN
Physicist, Engineer, and Writer


Hunter Branch Meeting 2021-2 — 30 June 2021
“Extreme bushfires and the age of violent pyroconvection”
Professor Jason Sharples
School of Science
UNSW (Canberra)


1294th OGM and Open Lecture  2 June 2021
“Murray-Darling Basin turmoil: past, present, and future”
Professor Richard Kingsford FRSN
Director, Centre for Ecosystem Science, UNSW (Sydney)


Hunter Branch Meeting 2021-1 — 26 May 2021
“On readying our region for low emissions technology”
Dr Alan Finkel AO FTSE FAA
Former Chief Scientist of Australia, and
Special Advisor to the Australian Government on Low Emissions Technology


1293rd OGM and Open Lecture  5 May 2021
“Big, bad fires in New South Wales”
Emerita Professor Mary O'Kane AC FRSN FTSE HonFIEAust
Chair, NSW Independent Planning Commission


Ideas@theHouse: April 2021  7 April 2021
“Australia and the Dickens Boys”
Thomas Keneally AO DistFRSN


1292nd OGM and Open Lecture  7 April 2021
“Antarctica, this ain’t no mirage: the value of art in disseminating scientific information”
Lea Kannar-Lichtenberger
Contemporary Artist


1291st OGM and Open Lecture  3 March 2021
“What are the best options for growing Australia’s mental health through the COVID-19 recovery?”
Co-Director, Brain and Mind Centre, University of Sydney


1290th OGM and Open Lecture  3 February 2021
“Royal Society of NSW 2020 Student Award Presentations”
Matthew Donnelly, UNSW (Sydney); Sajad Razavi Bazaz, UTS; Daniel Fox, ANU; and Philippa Specker, UNSW (Sydney)


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